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It became the Mantra of the past decade.

We at GO Home took it to heart and hearth.

Our roots were sewn at parent company Golden Oldies in Flushing, NY. where patriarch, Mark Weinstein created an antique importing empire 35 years ago.

At about the same time first born son Erik arrived. 16 years later he accompanied dad to Europe on a buying trip.

Erik was hooked. Not only did he relish in the culture of foreign soil, his fresh keen eye brought exciting new ideas to the table.

And one night many years later over a glass of wine GO Home was conceived.

We talked about the importance of home, creature comforts, things that made us feel safe that didn't have to cost a fortune. just how good it feels to light a candle in a beautiful candle stick, how curling up in a chair hugging your favorite pillow lowers your blood pressure. and how these small treasures tie our homes together.

It doesn't hurt that wife Pam has been in the design world for many years and helps out whenever needed.

Daughter, Lauren keeps us all in line with her sharp organizational skills.

Jared, still a college student not only helps with showroom set up but for the past 2 years has traveled with Erik on a number of exotic buying trips.

Recently, son in law Eric has been commissioned to get us up to speed with our website.

Our family's mission at GO Home is directly related to your happiness.

We sincerely hope that items we find exciting and beautiful from around the world, inspire you and your clients to a new level of:

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